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Management of Niroo Ramshir Company (Engineering & Trading) with over 35 years productive and excellent reputation in execution of various industrial and reinstruct or projects involved in procurement at mainly electrical equipment and also concrete and steel structures, co-operating with a variety of international and domestic companies.

In addition to material supply, the company is actively involved in the fields of design, engineering and execution of EPC projects in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries.

Material supply particularly in electrical industry including HV, MV, Control, Instrumentation Cables, HV & Lightening equipment, Power Transformers and SVC, Mechanical Stationary & Rotary equipment, Valves, Pipes & Fittings and also fabrication and erection of heavy and light steel structures (Industrial & Commercial).

Machine Electrical Specialized Department
Machine electric specialized department is responsible for providing power Engineering services in relation with the types of thermal power plants consisting of steam, gas and combined cycle power plants, fuel tanks, gas stations and related industries.
The specialized services covers full range of preliminary studies and basic design, preparation of technical and contractual documentation, design review and detailed design in any of the mentioned topics.
The scope of the services consists of the main equipment and all auxiliary equipment and systems in the power plants or industrial facilities.
With respect to the general tendency of the Engineering and Trading Co. to enter into the design and construction projects (EPC), this group as a specialized group of Niroo Ramshir Company is a pioneer in this field with some projects in this form.

Designing High Voltage Equipment

HV Equipment Specialized Group, one of technical and specialized groups at Engineering and Network Projects Division of Niroo Ramshir (RAMTEC), is committed to provide engineering services in connection with HV systems and equipment on power production, transmission, distribution stations, as well as, on industrial projects for Phase I studies and for drawing up technical data, reviewing basic and detail designs, supervision on construction operations and also, on manufacturing and commissioning tests.

Groupís functions in the specialized areas as follows:

HV equipment of conventional sub-stations
HV equipment of conventional sub-stations (GIS)
Designing HV sub-stations
The specialized scientific staff of these activity areas provide project services for voltages 132, 230, 400 and 63 kV and for industrial projects in distinctive operation team arrangements.

Furthermore, this group is committed to provide technical study, evaluation and assistance in financial study/proposals, as well as assistance in technical negotiations on concluding contract for HV substations.

Niroo Ramshir Co. (RAMTEC) consisting of seven specialized divisions and as an experienced and proficient colleague, is capable of providing advanced engineering services in the fields of power plants, dams and hydropower plants, water and energy transmission lines, high voltage sub-stations, oil, gas and petrochemical projects and renewable energies. RAMTECís specialists concentrate their attention on study and planning of aspects such as economic efficiency, compatibility with the environment and the long-term results and fruits of different projects and try to contribute to improve manís life quality.

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